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A South Dakota Success Story

South Dakota is 'Top Notch'

We know South Dakota is a great place for computer and IT companies, but you don't have to take our word for it. Watch below and hear about the advantages of doing business from companies that have already found success within our borders.

Chenega Logistics

Dan Hindbjorgen, Director of Commercial Solutions
"It is just less expensive to do business in South Dakota. We pass those savings along, and it makes us very competitive."

Innovative Systems

Ryan Tupper, Voice & Video Product Director
"South Dakota is a very well-connected state. Maybe the perception is rural, but there is a lot of high-tech connectivity right here in Mitchell."

Secure Banking Solutions

Kevin Streff, Managing Partner
 "We are a lot more capable and ready from a workforce development perspective than our neighboring states and beyond."

Tier 4 Data Center

Carl Rapp, Vice President
"The big advantage of relocationg to South Dakota is our central location. The network is top-notch in this part of the country."

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