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Bar-Sto Precision Success Story

New State, New Successes

Bar-Sto Precision: Relocation ‘Still a Good Decision’

When Bar-Sto Precision Machine made the decision to relocate from California to South Dakota in 2009, business owner Irv Stone took several factors into consideration.

“South Dakota’s tax and regulatory climate was definitely a huge draw,” Stone said. “The difference between South Dakota and California are like night and day when it comes to business taxes and red tape.”

Stone added that for him, the bottom line wasn’t the only aspect.

“And, perhaps just as important, is the outdoor-friendly and firearm-friendly atmosphere South Dakota provides,” Stone said. “Hunting, shooting, fishing and other outdoor opportunities are abundant in South Dakota, which is definitely appealing to an outdoorsman such as myself.”

And now, more than two years later, Stone says the relocation is “still a good decision.”

“In South Dakota, we have room to grow,” Stone said. “We went from a 3,200 square-foot facility in California to a 9,600 square-foot facility here. We have also been able to expand a bit of product line and are adding to it all the time.”

The company has also increased its employee numbers from two to 12 since making the move.

“South Dakota is just a wonderful place to do business. I can’t say enough good things,” said Stone. “Making the move to South Dakota was a great decision for Bar-Sto, and I can’t wait to continue to grow and own a business in the years to come.”

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