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GOED Ramping Up Community Development Efforts

The GOED is currently ramping up its community development program to better assist communities across the state in preparing the town for economic development. Joe Fiala, GOED's Research & Community Development Director answers a few questions about the office campaign. 

Q: GOED recently hired a Community Development Representative to help with community development. Tell us a little bit about him and about some of the things he is working on now?
A: Scott Amundson joined our team in March with 10 years of economic and community development experience. He has already begun traveling across the state, visiting with community leaders and assessing the needs of the community. He is also taking a look at projects and campaigns that communities are already engaged in and finding ways to connect them with resources that will further assist them in their efforts. 

Q: How many community visits will he make?
A: ​We are aiming for 100 community visits for 2017.

Q: Are there any trends communities across the state are seeing when it comes to preparing their city for development?
A: One of the great things about the community development representative is that having that position allows the office greater insight into what is going on in communities across South Dakota. While many communities are working on projects, we may or may not hear about it. But Scott has uncovered some opportunities to help communities more forward with their efforts, like revitalizing a defunct economic development board or training new economic development staff. Ongoing issues like housing and workforce development are concerns statewide, as they are in most of the United States.

Q: What are the long-term goals for the office’s community development campaign?
A: We want to help communities take the next step in their economic development journey, whatever that may be. It can look a lot different from one community to the next, but centers around building economic development capacity in every community. 

Q: Tell us about the webinar series.
A: ​The GOED's webinar series is an excellent tool we created in-house and are using to bring education and resources to economic development practioneers across the state. We have already held two and are looking forward to the next seven. 

Q: When is the next one scheduled?
A: Our next webinar focuses on entrepreneurship and will be May 2, 10:30 a.m. CT. Participants can register here, or by visiting 

Q: Where can local economic developers access past webinars?
A: They our all available on our partner website,

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