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GOED Team Making Statewide Visits to Communities, Organizations

In addition to the state's business retention and expansion visits (R&E), GOED team members have been crossing the state meeting with community and economic development officials, engaging with businesses and educating the public.

Since Jan. 1, Commissioner Scott Stern, Research and Community Development Director Joe Fiala, and Community Development Representative Scott Amundson, have collectively visited 50 communities.

Stern has been active in various speaking engagements, such as local development corporation meetings, community events and various seminars. 

"It is really great to visit all these fantastic places and fill people in about all the great things GOED is doing," Stern said. "I think it is helpful to a community to be on top of not only what we are doing, but to know what our future goals and objectives are, and how we can work together to better the state."

Fiala and Amundson have also made a number of visits to communities. On these visits, Fiala and Amundson work with local economic development officials to gauge a community's progress in the economic development progress, discuss major events, and connect the community with resources, training materials and partnership opportunities with either the GOED or an outside source. 

"We are really striving to help economic developers realize their potential on a local level," Stern said. "It is exciting to see different projects come to fruition in communities of all size across South Dakota."


Business Development Team Welcomes Gederos, Petersen

The GOED in June is welcoming two new representatives to the Business Development team: Holly Gederos and Paige Petersen.

Gederos has served as an employment specialist at the Dept. of Labor in Aberdeen for several years. She is very involved in the Aberdeen community and already has strong relationships with many of the employers in her new GOED territory. Gederos will cover northeastern South Dakota for the office, be stationed in Aberdeen and starts June 9.

Petersen also spent several years with the Dept. of Labor in North Sioux City and has many strong relationships in place throughout the region. Paige is also a leader in her community and currently serves as Executive Director of the North Sioux City Economic Development Corporation. Petersen will cover southeastern South Dakota and be stationed in North Sioux City. Her first day is June 26.

'Workforce Development: Next Steps' is Next GOED Webinar

GOED's next training webinar is titled "Workforce Development: Next Steps," and will be held Thursday, June 8 at 10:30 a.m. CT.


Save the Date

The 2018 Governor's Economic Development Conference will be Thursday, April 12 in Sioux Falls.

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