Ethanol Infrastructure Incentives

Support for Ethanol in South Dakota

In an effort to increase the availability and demand for higher ethanol blends, support the local ethanol infrastructure and reduce the demand for foreign oil, the GOED offers two Ethanol Infrastructure Incentive Programs.

The Ethanol Flex Pump Program provides matching funds for fuel retailers wishing to install pumps that disperse ethanol blends. Similarly, the Ethanol Storage Tank Program awards matching funds for the installation of an underground or above-ground storage tank that allows the blender pumps to be used.


Funding for the grant program was made possible by a partnership between United States Department of Agriculture, Commodity Credit Corporation, South Dakota Ethanol Producers and the State of South Dakota. During the 2011 legislative session, South Dakota Ethanol Producers agreed to a reduction in Ethanol Producer Payments while temporarily allocating a portion of their remaining Ethanol Producer Payments to the blender-pump grant program and a portion to the Revolving Economic Development Initiative fund.

How to Apply

Organizations applying for the grant programs must submit the application forms and supporting documentation to Paul Mehlhaff via postal mail or e-mail at:

South Dakota Governor’s Office of Economic Development
711 E. Wells Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501
Email: Paul.Mehlhaff@state.sd.us
Phone: 605-773-4633

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